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Our three year old program is designed to challenge our students ever expanding minds through creative lessons and hands on activities.  Students are taught how to recognize and spell their name, recognize upper and lower case letters, phonic sounds to letters, counting and one on one correlation, sorting objects using a variety of different variables, creating patterns, and activities that fine tune their small motor skills.  To help develop their critical thinking skills, science experiments and cooking projects are conducted several times a month. Different art mediums are explored to foster student’s creativity.   Students are guided in responding appropriately to social situations with their peers and expressing emotions.

Sample 3 year old Daily Schedule

7:45-8:30- Outside Play (weather permitting)

8:30-8:45- Line-up, restroom/wash hands

8:45-9:10- Circle Time:



                     Flag Salute

                     Bible Lessons/Devotions



9:45-10:05- Snack

10:05-10:50- Art/Science/Centers

10:50-11:15- Music & Movement

11:15-11:40- Outdoor play (weather permitting)/Centers/Free Exploration

11:40-12:15-Wash hands/Lunch

12:15-12:30-Bathroom/Get ready for nap

12:30- Dismissal/Nap time

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